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This Blog Is going to give a comparison of PS4 and Xbox one. This Blog will tell you the specs, prices, games, accessories available for the consoles and how they work. Xbox one VS PS4 PS4 and Xbox one design and Price

The PS4 Was designed for the gamer who like the slim and compacted design. This is a major benefit for most people because it would allow you to place the console in most places and still leaving room to place games for example. Also this would keep it out of site because you can only get it in the black color way, unless you buy a specific game edition, which would mean that it would blend into the background easily so you wouldn't even notice it there. The PlayStation 4 is at a very reasonable price at around £280 for the basic model with a dual shock controller and a headset, But these Prices and go up towards the £400 mark depending on what specs you get and what accessories you get with the console.

Xbox one has taken a different approach to PlayStation 4 on the design aspect of the console because Xbox One has not gone for the amazing aesthetic appearance but more for the appearance what would give you the best gaming experience. The Xbox one is very large and takes up a lot of room. You can get the Xbox in the black color way or you can get a specific gaming edition what might cost more. The Xbox one will cost and £380 pound for the basic model with Kinect included or you can increase the specs of the console the price can upwards of £450, with additional accessories and games added with the package.

PS4 and Xbox One games and Accessories.

The PS4 and Xbox One both have most of the same games such as FIFA 16 and call of duty etc. But the difference is that the consoles would have extra features what is exclusive to them for example PS4 would get all new features first before Xbox so it would be giving PS4 members more benefits Xbox would have this with some games as well for example FIFA 16. so it depends on what games you like and what console would offer you the latest features the quickest and would have the best experience for that game.

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